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International & Learning Support Unit

The International Unit is headed by the Deputy Dean (International and Mobility) and assisted by an Assistant Registrar and supported by other clerical staff members. The functions of this Unit are:

  1. Responsible for the improvement and coordination of potential linkages between SGS and the industry.
  2. Enhancement of relations with the public, in order to lead to better quality research and development.
  3. Building and fostering international relations, promoting special programs like the Industrial PhD; and coordinating and implementing special international academic programs such as mobility programs for postgraduate eg. MyEUlink, Erasmus Mundus.
  4. Assisting the Dean with other collaboration and corporate activities.
  5. Managing financial aid for students such as fellowships and scholarships as well as financial assistance to attend international conferences.


The Learning Support Unit is headed by the Deputy Dean (Student Affairs and Learning Support) and assisted by a Senior Assistant Registrar supported by other clerical staff members. The functions of this Unit are: 

  1. Responsible for  providing support and services for both local and international postgraduate  students in order to enhance their academic growth and experience at UPM;
  2. Overseeing students’ general welfare at UPM in relation  to their personal and social well-being;
  3. Organizing learning support activities for students  such as the Putra Sarjana programme which nurtures students’ intellectual growth and professional competency and;
  4. Publishing information and material to help students  achieve success at postgraduate studies.


Updated:: 25/08/2017 [azimin]


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