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Dr. Noordiana Nordin

(This is an article contributed by Dr. Noordiana Nordin, graduated as a Doctor of Philosophy in Sensor Technology)

“During early days as a PhD candidate, I found it was very challenging in terms of balancing study and family life. However, it provides different perspectives which help to shape better life” Noordiana recalls. She’s a married mom of four children, ages 11 and under. She has brilliantly blended her passion for postgraduate study and family through her busy schedule. Noordiana said that her doctoral journey would not have been a successful one if not for the unwavering support of her husband and family as well as the drive and discipline instilled into her since young. On 4th November 2017, she was awarded a PhD for her thesis in Sensor Technology for which she received a special award of Gold Medal MVP.

Prior to pursuing PhD study, Noordiana was serving as Research Officer at Food Safety Research Centre in Faculty of Food Science and Technology, UPM. With her experience as a researcher, Noordiana is adept in critical thinking and planning for her PhD research. Further, she has also acquired a well-rounded skill set through her on-the-job experience which includes preparing grant proposals and reports for research outputs, publishing research findings, managing research fund, mentoring research assistant at the laboratory as well as leveraging on information gained while being postgraduate students. In addition to the technical skills learned, she has gained interpersonal abilities such as being a team player, disciplined, confidence and perseverance.

Most recently, Noordiana is employed as a Research Officer at Laboratory of Food Safety and Food Integrity, Institute of Tropical Agriculture and Food Security (ITAFoS), UPM. Her studies at UPM have shaped her research interest tremendously and she believes in giving back to the community. In addition to her solid educational background, personal qualities and experience to date, she also has a passion for innovating and will tap into her knowledge to develop a useful innovation.

Noordiana always plans and think through things strategically which more can be done in a day and highly disciplined to follow through the plan. Noordiana has always been very dedicated and hardworking when trying to achieve her goals. She does not let any obstacles get in her way; she perseveres and keeps working towards her dreams. She keeps her strong faith and remembers what is truly important in life. She does not give up easily, as she finds the positive and remembers what truly important in life.

 Dr. Noordiana Nordin won the Gold Medal MVP Doctor of Philosophy in 2017.

"If we think the challenges given to us so great, there are others who receive greater tests. Do not give up and keep going. Procrastinate your work won't help you."

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