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SGRA (Special Graduate Research Allowance)


1. This scheme is open to all postgraduate students (by thesis) who are currently registered as a postgraduate student at UPM.

2. Applications for this scheme can be made at any time throughout the semester provided the student is registered for that semester.

3. Each application must be supported by the Advisor/Chairman of the Supervisory Committee and/or by the Head of Research Project and by the Dean of Faculty/Director of Institute where the research grant is allocated.

4. This scheme is funded by the Supervisor/Chairman/Member of the Supervisory Committee’s research grant. The number of students who can be sponsored under this grant is subjected to the conditions set by the sponsor.

5. The amount of research grant must be sufficient to pay the monthly allowance throughout the period of appointment.

6. Applicants who receive scholarship/financial assistance or employed with a monthly emolument of less than RM1,000.00 are also eligible to apply for this scheme. However the total amount of stipend plus monthly emolument shall not exceed RM1,500.00/month for Master students and RM1,800.00 for PhD students. Applicants are responsible to provide written evidence of emolument received to the School of Graduate Studies together with the application form.

7. Appointment under this scheme will take effect once an official offer letter is issued by the School of Graduate Studies. Any application to backdate the date of appointment will not be entertained.

8. Guidelines on appointment are as follow:

 Date of Application Received by SGS

 Effective Date of Appointment

 Date of Application Received by SGS

 Effective Date of Appointment

 Not later than the15th day of the month

 From the 1st day of the current month.

 After the 15th of the month

 From the1st day of the following month.

9. Application for extension must be made every semester and permitted up to:

  • Master’s : Maximum 6 semesters
  • PhD : Maximum 10 semesters

[A student can apply for extension beyond the above mentioned period with recommendations and justifications from the supervisor].

10. Incomplete application form will not be processed.

Terms of Award:

11. Successful applicants will be provided with monthly stipends as recommended by the Supervisor/Chairman/Member of the Supervisory Committee. The monthly allowance is as follows:

  1. Masters: Maximum RM1,500.00 per month
  2. PhD: Maximum RM1,800.00 per month

However no exemption of fees will be given to students under this scheme.

Responsibilities of S-GRA Recipients

Students who receive this scheme are not required to assist in teaching, tutoring and/or demonstrating, but shall assist in research work as instructed by the supervisor.

Application Guidelines:

Application forms can be obtained from the Scholarship Counter, School of Graduate Studies, UPM 
Special Graduate Research Allowance Scheme (New Application): GS-19(a)

Completed application forms must be sent to:

School of Graduate Studies
Zone 4 Off Jalan Stadium
Universiti Putra Malaysia
43400 UPM Serdang

For enquiries please contact Ms. Rozalita Adnan at 03-9769 4238.




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